Rome Hero Foxes – Bad Thoughts SINGLE REVIEW

Houston indie rock outfit Rome Hero Foxes released “Bad Thoughts” back in 2014, but it has been a song that I frequently return to. I have seen this band perform live a handful of times, and each time it is a real treat.

Basically, “Bad Thoughts” is a perfect song. I do not believe in perfect albums, as I do not think perfection can be stretched throughout the length of an entire album, but I do believe in perfect songs. This is one of them.

Here, CJ Burton mourns the loss of his lover and is tormented by thoughts of her which keep him awake. It’s something that anyone who has been in love can instantly relate to. Lyrically, this song is sublime, especially the lines “And now it’s just another night spent alone in my bed / Trying to get what you have said out of my God damn head / I don’t know what to do anymore“.

The opening riff, performed by Taylor High School alumnus Matthew Benthall, grips the listener right out the gates. The track is then propelled forward by Adrian Romero’s frantic drumwork and doesn’t stop.

Another great aspect of this song is the post-hardcore inspired vocal harmonizations during the chorus. Watch out for this talented band and make sure to check out their albums Hunters and Demons and For When You’re Falling Backwards.

Rome Hero Foxes is coming out with a new album soon featuring a reworked lineup. Be on the lookout.



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