My Bloody Valentine – Isn’t Anything ALBUM REVIEW

Ireland’s most celebrated band, My Bloody Valentine, returns with their second release of 1988. Instead of an EP, Isn’t Anything is a debut full-length album and is one of My Bloody Valentine’s very best. Like most of their discography, this album is absolutely essential for anyone who is looking to explore the shoegaze genre.

With Isn’t Anything, My Bloody Valentine continued their sonic progression that would accumulate into a full-fledged shoegaze sound by 1991’s Loveless. But, instead of the guitars being the focal point of the album, the drumming by colorfully named Colm Ó Cíosóig steals the show here.

Like in Loveless, the album opens up with Cíosóig’s deafening drumming. Thus begins My Bloody Valentine’s second tribute to oral sex, “Soft as Snow (But Warm Inside)”. It’s a beautiful song that just makes you feel warm inside.

Lyrical themes on this album include sex, love, child molestation (yes, unfortunately it happened to Bilinda Butcher), and dissociative identity disorder.

My favorite track on this album is the spectacular “No More Sorry”, which features lyrics that will make your skin crawl: “In my hair / Everywhere / Everywhere / And everywhere / Fingerprints of you / Filthy daddy / Wash and mend / And wash and mend / Some kind of friend / You septic heart, your deadly hand / Left me black and blue / No more sorry”. What makes this song so good is the guitar part, which Kevin Shields somehow makes sound like a futuristic harpsichord. It churns and swells throughout the song and is a huge advancement towards the My Bloody Valentine shoegaze sound they would soon pioneer.

Scott’s Spectacular Song Selections include: “Soft as Snow (But Warm Inside)”, “Lose My Breath”, “Cupid Come”, “No More Sorry”, “All I Need”, “Feed Me with Your Kiss”, “Several Girls Galore”, and “I Can See It (But I Can’t Feel It)”.



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