Indoor Creature – Windows ALBUM REVIEW

Windows is the third release from the Austin-based indie pop/rock outfit Indoor Creature. Normally I would provide some background information about the band or their scene, but since I don’t know very much about this band, I will have to resort to going straight into a review of this album.

Firstly, I enjoyed almost all of the synthesizer selections on here. Many of them had a retro, 80s feel that meshed nicely with the band’s drum machines and horn parts. On several of these songs, the bass and drums formed a nice groove that made listening to songs like “I Live on the Corner” and “Ne” very fun to listen to. The instrumentation is well-chosen and generally fits the message that the song is trying to convey.

While many of the tracks on here were quite catchy, the vocal parts meandered a bit much for my taste, making it hard for my ear to latch on to a set melody. Maybe repeated listens will change my opinion on this. After all, I thought the Weeknd was meandering too much on my first few listens of House of Balloons, but I grew to understand and appreciate his melodic choices with later listens. The same thing could happen here.

I think this album (and its rating) suffers greatly from two major duds: “Over My Head” and “Sea Green”. After an excellent intro with “Dustbins and Ash”, I was let down by “Over My Head”. The guitar part was annoying, the bridge was basically unnecessary, and the meandering vocal lines were a problem for me on this song. “Sea Green” was actually a pretty good track until a poorly-placed (and only one on the album) rap verse, featuring the laughably bad opening couplet, “Wait, what the fuck do they mean? / I see fuckboys in HD“. A line a bit later referencing memes will date this album very quickly. Unfortunately, “Sea Green” never fully recovers, and this is coming from a huge hip-hop fan.

Ultimately, Windows is a pretty good album from an up-and-coming band. I personally enjoyed their 2015 release, Present Thinking, a bit more, but I can recommend a few tracks off this album that I will definitely be returning to.

Scott’s Spectacular Song Selections include: “Dustbins and Ash”, “In Memory of Don Bell”, “Rainy Day Soundtrack”, “Another None”, “I Live on the Corner”, “Ne”, and “Nothing Stays the Same”.



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