The Cure – Disintegration ALBUM REVIEW

Disintegration is the Cure’s eighth studio album and is one of their best, as well as one of the all-time best records ever recorded. My personal favorite Cure record is Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, but that’s beside the point. This one is a must-listen for anyone suffering from severe or clinical depression.

The album begins beautifully with “Plainsong”, blasting the listener with synths, bells, and everything Robert Smith’s beautiful mind had in the late 80s. At this time, Smith was experimenting with LSD and probably mushrooms as well. In fact, this album was written by him in one night on an acid trip. After the cheery Kiss Me, this album was seen as a return to form.

Smith wrote this album when he was about to turn 30, which reminds me very much of Danny Brown’s severe depression and drug use when he turned 30 (see his album XXX for more).

You can hear Smith’s life story in songs like “Pictures of You”, “Closedown”, “Lovesong”, “Lullaby”, and especially “Disintegration”.

The title track itself is a microcosm of the entire album and is pure poetry. That’s all I’m going to say.


Scott’s Spectacular Song Selections include: “Plainsong”, “Pictures of You”, “Lovesong”, “Last Dance”, “Lullaby”, “Fascination Street”, “Disintegration”, and “Untitled”.



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