Wild Moccasins – Look Together ALBUM REVIEW

Look Together is the latest release by Houston indie rock band Wild Moccasins. I have seen this band a couple of times and really enjoy their retro 80s sound and vocal performances. 88 92  was one of my favorite albums of 2014, so I have high expectations for this new album.

And, Look Together largely lives up to my expectations. It’s catchy yet thought-provoking, just like Wild Moccasins were on 88 92. Unfortunately, some of the songs are rather forgettable, a problem I didn’t experience while listening to their last full-length release. But songs like “No Muse” and “Waterless Cup” make up for it.

Speaking of those two songs, a good deal of the album deals with the singer, Zahira Gutierrez, and guitarist, Cody Swann, breaking up on tour. The two were in a relationship for some time. The most poignant (and savage) lyric of the album comes on “No Muse”: “I’m no use to you / unless I’m undressed / I’m no muse to you“.

Overall, the album is a great retro escapist listen perfect for any kind of weather. I’m looking forward to seeing what this band brings to the table next.

Scott’s Spectacular Song Selections include: “Boyish Wave”, “Longtime Listener”, “Missing You (The Most)”, “Look Together”, “No Muse”, and “Waterless Cup”.



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